Food & Beverage

Regulations in the food and beverage industry stipulate the type of floor coating systems that are allowed.  These facilities are under constant internal and external review to make sure they meet national and local health department requirements.  With this knowledge, Protective Coating Specialists will evaluate your facility for potential exposure to hot water wash downs, steam cleaning, or  chemical exposure…engineering a system that will aid in limiting current and future shutdowns. Special attention is given be being VOC compliant.

  • Technical experience since 1968.
  • Satisfied customers throughout Wisconsin, Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, Minnesota, Illinois and Iowa. References upon request.
  • Experienced applicators using up-to-date equipment to complete your projects.
  • Multi-year warranty available.
  • Special attention to detail such as chiseling back around floor drains, eliminating opportunities for feathered edges.
  • We work as consultants to architects and municipalities.
  • Providing technical specifications and quality standards that ensure you of the best system pricing possible.


  • Nestle
  • Johnsonville
  • Sargento
  • Arla Foods
  • Trega Foods
  • Conagra
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