Cleaning / Care

The following is information taken from technical cleaning data from our major suppliers on how to clean resinous/polymeric flooring systems.


Appearance: Your floor will look its best when it is clean.  The floor PCS has installed assures you of a safe long-life system that will continue to look and perform as it did when it was first installed.

SafetyEmulsifying, rinsing and drying your floor properly will reduce the risk of a slip or fall incident.

Service life: The lifetime of your floor will depend upon how well you clean it, particularly in aggressive use areas such as a garage, kitchen or work shop.

The floors we apply do not require special maintenance beyond normal cleaning.  Detergents and caustic cleaning solutions may be used as needed.  Some contaminates such as acids and some solvents may discolor the surface of the floor without causing damage to the floor itself.  For spot cleaning with solvent, use xylene (xylo), isopropyl alcohol or paint thinner to remove tar or tire marks.


  1. Sweeping – always sweep the floor thoroughly before cleaning either with a medium stiff bristle push broom or regular broom (for small areas).
  2. Application – Apply an over the counter cleaning product (such as Mr. Clean) product diluted in warm water according to product instructions.
  3. Dwell Time – If heavy grime, allow cleaner to sit for appropriate time to loosen grime.
  4. Agitation – Use a power washer, medium stiff bristle push broom or floor scrubber (see chart) to loosen dirt, grime or oily residues. Do not use a mop or sponge mop.
  5. Removal – Remove the dirty water from the floor (see chart).
  6. Rinsing – Rinse with clear warm water and remove from floor to allow it to dry.  It is imperative that you rinse a floor to avoid slip and slide from soap residues.





Sweeping Broom, dust brush Floor sweeper, broom
Application Deck brush, sprayer Floor scrubber
Dwell time Only to loosen grime Same
Agitation Scrub with broom, rotary floor machine or power washer, 1,500 psi Automatic floor scrubber, power washer, 1,500 psi
Removal Squeegee, soft neoprene, wet dry vacuum Same as previous  block
Rinsing As described above As described above


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