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Surface preparation is the most important factor that determines the success or failure of a concrete coating. Protective Coating Specialists uses a variety of equipment for surface preparation including shot blasters, diamond grinders, scarifiers, as well as high pressure water blaster and oil removal systems. Proper preparation of the surface ensures that the coating adheres correctly and that the final finish is uniform, level, and free from defects.

floor coating in commercial building

Shot Blasters

A shot blaster is the tool of choice for concrete contractors when prepping a surface. Shot blasting gives the surface a rough profile so coatings a nd sealers will bond snugly with a floor.

A shot blaster fire scores of tiny BB’s at the ground over and over again. It duplicates a simple mechanical action — a metal object hitting a crushable piece of material — and duplicates it very, very quickly. If you want to tear a layer off a slab of concrete, these machines will certainly do the job.

floor coating in commercial building

Diamond Grinders

Diamond grinders excel at removing thin layers of existing coatings or paints, and leave a smoother profile than a shot blaster.

Depending on the abrasives used, a diamond grinder can perform a broad range of tasks. A coarse grit is used for quickly stripping thick coatings or leveling imperfections, while a fine grit can provide a very smooth, polished finish.

floor coating in commercial building


Scarifiers (also called surface planers or milling machines) remove concrete faster and more aggressively than grinders.

These machines are typically used for a variety of tasks, including removing heavy coatings, grooving walkways, and leveling misaligned concrete slabs.

floor coating in commercial building

Oil Removal

If your concrete slab is oil impregnated, hard to clean and will not allow coatings to be applied, Protective Coating Specialists has the solution.  We have a ORS (oil removal system) that will help emulsify oils allowing us to remove oil from concrete surfaces.

cyclone floor coating

Floor Covering Removal

We have multiple types of scrapers that are ideal for removal of all types of floor coverings, VCT, ceramic & quarry tile, laminates, hardwoods, carpet and more. Our Sase Twister is compact can maneuver through hallways with ease. The scraper blade will aid in the removal of mastic as well.

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