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Concrete, polished or not, is a porous and reactive substrate. Regular foot traffic has a grit equivalency of 400g – 800g. This means that without regular maintenance, a polished concrete floor’s finish will degrade over time to a 400g in the highest traffic areas, necessitating restoration.

There are two types of spills/stains to be aware of; reactive and penetrating. A reactive spill is when a corrosive substance comes in direct contact with the surface of the concrete and etches the substrate. This type of spill usually involves a strong acid or strong base but can be any corrosive substance. A penetrating spill is when colored material migrates into the pores and fissures of the concrete and give the affected portion a visibly different appearance, typically only in coloration.

Polished Concrete floors should be cleaned with a neutral pH cleaner such as Twister Floor Conditioner.  Regular usage of any cleaner too high or low ph will reduce a floor’s gloss prematurely and can lead to more serious damage. A sealer can be applied to protect against staining. Be sure to match the sealer with the type of staining most likely to occur. A purely penetrating sealer such as HTC Stain Guard protects well against penetrating stains and is simple to apply and maintain but provides no protection against reactive stains while a semi-topical sealer such as HTC Polish Guard gives a degree of protection against both reactive and penetrating stains but is more costly, more difficult to apply and requires a higher level of ongoing maintenance.

The exact maintenance routine, particularly the needed frequency of cleaning, is dictated by the needs of each particular floor. The most effective maintenance routine to keep your Polished Concrete at its optimal levels of cleanliness and gloss is to regularly scrub with Twister Green pads on an automatic scrubber and occasionally high speed burnish with Twister Green.

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